Governor says it may be too late for retirement bill

LANSING, MI – (wrap1)
Laura Weber
May 03, 2010
Governor Granholm says it may be too late to approve her proposal to save school districts money by enticing veteran teachers into retirement.

Granholm proposed a retirement sweetener several months ago as a way to save the state money by encouraging thousands of teachers to retire. She told lawmakers that work on the retirement bill needed to be approved before May, so school districts would have time to approve budgets and prepare plans for hiring for the fall.

The governor says now it may be too late for the deal.

"They should have gotten that retirement bill done last week," Granholm says. "Frankly they should have gotten it done a month ago."

Key negotiators in the House and Senate said last week that they are close to a deal. But Granholm says the only way it will be acceptable is if they worked over the weekend and are able to pass the retirement bill no later than tomorrow.