Governor Says Action Needed To Encourage Urban Farms

Nov 28, 2012

Governor Rick Snyder says the state should do more to deal with blight and encourage urban farming in cities with lots of vacant land.  

Credit WKAR File Photo

It was part of Governor Snyder’s special message on energy and the environment. The governor says too much abandoned property in Flint, Detroit, and other cities is going to waste  when it could be put to a new use.

“And all I’ve seen in my two years as governor is a lot of discussion about right-to-far, and urban farming,” he says.

He says it’s time to settle issues dealing with zoning rules, pesticide use, and other barriers to using urban space for agriculture. 

“There’s too much talk and not enough action," he adds.

The governor also wants to ban chronically delinquent property tax scofflaws from state land auctions, and make better use of brownfield redevelopment funds.