Governor’s annual education summit to meet in East Lansing

Apr 23, 2012

State officials, teachers, school administrators and researchers will mingle at a day-long education conference in East Lansing. This will be the 17th annual Governor’s Education Summit.

Last year, Governor Rick Snyder called for an overhaul of education and how teachers do their jobs.

A lot of the sessions will focus on flexibility in classrooms and helping teachers and students meet new performance expectations. Also, strategies to create an education system that starts with pre-school and continues through college or job training.

Democrat John Austin is the president of the Michigan State Board of Education. He says Michigan needs to do a better job of making education past high school accessible and worthwhile.

“We said everybody needs a post-secondary degree, not a high school degree, and we’ve been disinvesting in our community colleges and our universities in this state for a dozen years,” Austin says.

Republican Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley will also address the conference on different strategies for improving Michigan schools.