Governor expected to sign vetoes late in the week

Lansing, MI – Governor Granholm says she will make more line-item vetoes to budgets late this week, before the temporary budget runs out on October 31st, and she is still urging Senate Republicans to approve new revenue to fill deep cuts already made to the K-12 budget.

Garnholm says, "We are willing to negotiate and to compromise, we have done so - in fact, the fact that there are so many cuts in the budget as it is, demonstrates a willingness to compromise. But both sides have to be willing to compromise, and that means that there cannot be intransigents on either side. Nobody can say "take it or leave it" to anything because these are ultimately very, very difficult discussions."

Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop says the Senate plan to generate revenue by limiting tax credits and reforming Michigan's business tax is truly "take it or leave it." The Senate still has no plans to vote on revenue options proposed by House Democrats, such as a tax on physicians' services that would restore money cut from Medicaid.