Governor to decide this week on Highland Park finances

LANSING, MI – Governor Rick Snyder will decide no later than Friday whether to appoint an emergency manager in the Highland Park school district in southeast Michigan. He says he is considering the recommendation of a financial review panel to appoint an emergency manager,as well as an appeal from the district.

Snyder says his goal is to make sure the district is not forced to shut down.

"Well the key priority in Highland Park right now, in the schools, is just the emergency to make sure they can finish the school year," Snyder says. "And then every circumstance I want to see is there things we can do to improve their opportunities at growing in terms of what they learn and how they succeed."

If Highland Park is taken over, it would become the second school district to be controlled by a state-appointed emergency manager.

Detroit Public Schools has had an emergency manager for a few years. There are also four cities with emergency managers.