Gov. Granholm signs park fee extension

Lansing, MI – Governor Granholm has extended the current system for funding state parks until April 1. That gives lawmakers more time to come up with a new system that adequately funds state parks, recreation areas, and boat launch sites.


Lawmakers had crafted a compromise plan that would let drivers pay a $10 fee when buying or renewing vehicle registrations. They think that would result in more revenue for parks and recreation areas than the current $24 per year windshield sticker. The state Department of Natural Resources says it needs tens of millions of dollars more if it's going to maintain and improve buildings, roadways, and water and sewer systems at campgrounds, recreation areas, and boat launches.

The deal fell apart in the closing hours of the Legislature's session this year. Some legislative leaders want parks funding to be part of a broader revenue package that also raises money for roads and other state services.