GOP scrubs bid to recall Democrats

 It appears there will be no recall questions targeting Democratic lawmakers on the ballot next February. Today is the deadline to submit petitions to elections officials, and Republicans announced earlier this week they are giving up their recall effort.

Republicans launched several recall drives against Democrats to get back at the Michigan Education Association for its ultimately successful effort to oust GOP state representative Paul Scott. But the GOP said earlier this week it was giving up, and would not file any recall petitions.

Scott, for one, says he’s glad Republicans gave up their drive, which he called a waste of time and resources.

 “Our party doesn’t need to be making political statements and recalling Democratic legislators. We need to be focused, while we have the majority, on making the transformational changes Michigan needs.”

 Scott was interviewed on the Michigan Public TV show “Off the Record.”

Scott says he’d like to see Michigan’s recall rules changed so politicians can only be removed for malfeasance – and not over political differences.