GM's Delta Township Plant Moves To Two Separate Full-time Shifts

LANSING, MI – Hundreds of Lansing General Motors' workers are getting reacquainted with regular shift work. Laid-off hourly workers began returning to work at GM's Delta Township facility in late July. But they've overlapped shifts for retraining and retooling purposes. Monday, for the first time in eight months, the facility is running two, separate full-time shifts.

Company and union spokespersons say hourly and salaried workers alike are glad to be back to a familiar routine. Three relatively successful crossover vehicles are assembled at LDT, and a fourth, The Chevy Traverse, will be added in January.

GM's Lansing operations will take another important turn Monday. Officials plan to announce a new Regional Plant Manager. Lansing native Randy Thayer, a 36-year company employee, announced his retirement last week. No dates have been announced.