GM to shut down Grand River plant next week

Workers at General Motors' Lansing Grand River facility will get an extended Thanksgiving break. The automaker has announced that the plant will be idle next week to allow a drop in demand to chip away at dealer inventories. Workers will return Monday, December 7. Mike Green is the President of United Auto Workers local 652 which represents close to a thousand hourly employees at the facility. He says historically, car sales fluctuate with the seasons.

"Typically, things slow down in the fall and in the winter, you know, until people get the new car bug when the weather breaks," he says. "It's the way it's been in the past."

Lansing Grand River makes the Cadillac CTS sedan, CTS sport wagon and the STS sedan. Green expressed hope that the new Lansing-made Cadillac CTS Coupe--set for release next Spring--will help boost sales. Photos of the new model were unveiled Monday in California.