Four More Campaigns File Questions for November Ballot

Jul 9, 2012

Monday was the deadline for ballot campaigns to turn in their petitions. A total of six questions and a referendum have filed to appear on the November ballot.

One of the questions up for voter approval would require two-thirds super-majorities for the Legislature to increase a tax.

Brighton Township Treasurer Lana Theis is leading the ballot drive. She says it should be easier to lower taxes than it is to increase them.

"If you ask the average homeowner, who do you think knows how to spend your money better -- you or Lansing?" she asks.  "It's a very, very simple question.  It should be the case that it has to cross party lines, and it has to be a super majority, not a simple majority."

Another drive to protect collective bargaining rights for home health aides who are paid by Medicaid also filed today petitions. An amendment to stop a new publicly owned Detroit international bridge was also filed Monday afternoon.

A ballot drive to ban a gas drilling process known as “fracking” did not make the deadline and will focus now on the 2014 ballot.