Former priest makes case for ordination of women

Apr 17, 2013

Many wonder if Pope Francis will take a more liberal position on women seeking priesthood.
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For more than 40 years, Roy Bourgeois’ life has been devoted to an often controversial liberal activism. The former Catholic priest is the founder of the Schools of the Americas Watch and has spent eight years in prison for illegal protests.  Five years ago, the 74-year old was excommunicated for his support of the ordination of women to the Catholic priesthood.  

Mr. Bourgeois is in East Lansing tonight for a showing of the movie Pink Smoke Over the Vatican.  The movie makes the case for the ordination of women and is being shown as part of the East Lansing Film Festival.  Current State's host Mark Bashore talks with Mr. Bourgeois and Katie Doyle, a practicing Catholic in Lansing who has dreamed of being a priest since she was a child.