Former BWL Commissioner Seeks Second Ward Seat In Lansing

Jul 30, 2017

A former Lansing Board of Water and Light commissioner who still works in the utility industry hopes to become Lansing’s next city council member representing Ward 2. WKAR’s conversations with candidates continue with Julee Rodocker, who expresses pride in her lifetime ties to the second ward.

"I've lived here all my life," she explains, "and these are my friends, my family and my neighbors."

Her activities have included service as president of the Old Everett Neighborhood Association, frequently working on zoning issues.

Currently, Rodocker is an electrical materials buyer at Consumers Energy, having retired from Meijer after 22 years of service.

When addressing the problems of the second ward, Rodocker talks about "getting back to the basics. We have people that are struggling and feel abandoned." She wants to address code compliance issues while bringing business owners and neighbor leaders together.

The incumbent in the second ward, Tina Houghton, is running for another term. Rodocker says Houghton hasn't been effective. "We need somebody that is keeping us informed, somebody that we know is fighting for our needs. Most of the people don't know who there second ward council person is, and that's not acceptable."