Floors Collapse at EL's St Anne Lofts Development

Jun 18, 2012

The St. Anne Luxury Lofts development in downtown East Lansing suffered major structural damage Monday.

The city's Director of Code Enforcement Howard Asch  says the weight of scrap drywall stacked on the fourth story apparently overloaded the floor. That caused the collapse of an area about the size of a living room, all the way to the ground level.

There were no injuries reported. Asch says workers noticed the floor bowing and left the building before the collapse.

The steel structure was not damaged, but there was damage to wiring, plumbing and fire suppression materials that will require repairs.

On June 5th, the city forced developer Kris Elliot to halt construction on a fifth floor at St. Anne Lofts. East Lansing officials had only approved a four-story project. That was described as a miscommunication between the city and the developer. A public hearing was scheduled on allowing the fifth floor.