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An Evergreen Partner is a WKAR member who has chosen to make an ongoing commitment to supporting strong public broadcasting for the Mid-Michigan community.

As an EverGreen Partner, your membership is automatically renewed every year. This helps WKAR save valuable dollars, so we can spend more of your contribution producing and presenting quality programs.

Being an EverGreen Partner...

  • Is convenient. You'll have no interruption to your membership and your StayTuned subscription will never expire.
  • Is environmentally friendly. It reduces the need for mailings from WKAR and, in the process, preserves our precious forests.
  • Is easier on your budget. Spreading your support over the year monthly or quarterly makes it easy to give generously.

Being an EverGreen Partner is a great way to show your commitment to public broadcasting and WKAR!

You can become an EverGreen Partner with a minimum pledge of $10 every month.

In return, you'll receive rewards and benefits such as

  • the very green WKAR logo sustainable tote
  • StayTuned, your monthly guide to great TV and radio programming
  • The WKAR MemberCard for dining and retail discounts
  • At tax time, an annual summary of your gifts

Of course, the greatest benefit is knowing that you are keeping public broadcasting strong in your Mid-Michigan community.

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