Evening with the Governor 2013 | WKAR TV Special

Jan 13, 2014

Mon. Jan. 19 at 9 pm - WKAR-TV | Michigan Governor Rick Snyder looks back at 2013 with Tim Skubick,  senior capitol correspondent and anchor of Off the Record from WKAR. The  exclusive one-hour interview includes a rare TV appearance by First Lady Sue Snyder.


A relaxed and reflective Michigan Governor Rick Snyder talks about making his toughest decision as governor in 2013, and how he worried about possible civil unrest when he propelled Detroit into bankruptcy. He speaks candidly about issues he got wrong and right during 2013, including his failure to nail down a multi-million dollar road repair package and his success in achieving a bi-partisan vote to extend Medicaid coverage to 470,000 needy families without health care insurance.

First Lady Sue Snyder and her husband talk about speculation that he might run for President, while reflecting on life in an empty nest after their youngest daughter heads off to college next year.