EM Law Suspended as Referendum Goes on November Ballot

Aug 8, 2012

The referendum to challenge Michigan’s emergency manager law is officially on the November ballot, and the law is suspended until after the election. Now, there’s a new fight brewing over whether the old emergency financial manager law now takes over.

Cheers broke out as the Board of State Canvassers ended a deadlock and – complying with instructions from the Michigan Supreme Court – put the question on the ballot. The court rejected a technical challenge to the font size on part of the petition.

Herb Sanders is the attorney for the referendum campaign.

“We were disappointed that justice was delayed, but we are ecstatic that we’re on the course to restoring democracy to local communities in Michigan,” he says.

Opponents of the law say it robs voters of their right to local control. Sanders did not rule out a return to court to oppose Governor Rick Snyder re-instating or naming replacements under the old law to run seven cities and school districts taken over by the state for financial mismanagement.