EM Law Repeal Effort Goes to Court

May 4, 2012

The campaign to repeal Michigan’s emergency manager law is in court trying to force the state to put the referendum on the November ballot.

The group 'Stand Up for Democracy' filed a lawsuit Friday with the Michigan Court of Appeals.

'Stand Up For Democracy' is challenging a decision by a state elections board. Two Republicans on the Board of State Canvassers forced a deadlock by voting to keep the union-backed question off the ballot. They say Stand Up for Democracy’s petitions were printed in the wrong font size. That was the conclusion of a business-backed group that’s against the referendum.

Stand Up for Democracy says: not only is the font size correct, but, regardless, an error in font size is not enough to keep the question off the ballot -- because the campaign substantially complied with the law. The group says keeping the question off the ballot disenfranchises the more than 200,000 voters who signed petitions, and denies the public the right to render its judgment on the emergency manager law.