Election Complaint Against Snyder Dismissed

Nov 2, 2012

State elections officials say Governor Rick Snyder can use his official website and e-mail to express his views on ballot proposals – as long he does not specifically advocate for their approval or defeat.

Credit WKAR File Photo

The Secretary of State dismissed a complaint filed against Governor Snyder by the campaign to require two-thirds legislative super-majorities or statewide votes to increase taxes. It said the governor broke the law by using the resources of his office for a political purpose – to make known his opposition to the proposal. But elections officials say the governor never expressly asked people to vote no, or defeat the proposal.

The governor says he should be allowed to tell people when he sees problems with a potential policy change.

“I mean, we work hard. We’re trying to do the right thing for Michigan in every capacity and it’s important to go out and communicate on issues.”

The ballot campaign says what should matter is the fact that the governor is trying to influence the election, and not whether he used particular words.