ELECTION 2012: In 71st, Abed Challenges Shaugnessy in Re-Match of 2010 Race

Oct 18, 2012

In Eaton County this year, the state house election is a rematch of the 2010 vote.

Republican Deb Shaughnessy beat Democrat Theresa by more than 6,000 votes two years ago.

"Anyone can make the cuts necessary for a budget, but are you doing it in the best interests of the people that you represent? That is what I have not seen with Deb." Theresa Abed

This time around, Theresa Abed feels that things have changed enough to give her some optimism.

Abed is critical of Shaughnessy’s votes that helped push Governor Rick Snyder’s economic package through the legislature. She says the result has hurt families, workers, and education.

Shaughnessy counters that the legislature has focused on job creation and long-term solutions she thinks will make Michigan’s economy more sustainable going into the future.

Opponents of that approach have argued that billions of dollars were taken from seniors and schoolkids, and given to the business community. Shaughnessy argues that in the long run, the focus has to remain on how to make Michigan competitive for jobs while balancing budgets.

Both campaigns have been cited by the Michigan Truth Squad with what they call “fouls” for misleading voters.

"We are focused on making Michigan competitive for jobs. We're absolutely on the right path in Michigan." Deb Shaughnessy

Shaughnessy has run a radio ad attacking a vote cast by Abed as a county commissioner. The Truth Squad says that the vote in question lowered commissioner salaries by 5%. It also granted health care benefits to commissioners with at least 25 years of service, a level Abed is unlikely to reach herself. The same claim was made in 2010, and the Truth Squad has given it a “foul” both times.

They’ve also given a “foul” to an Abed mailer claiming that Shaughnessy’s tax vote would cost every retired couple $3,000 a year. The Truth Squad says that claim is untrue.