Education Budget Headed to Snyder

Jun 5, 2012

A budget for schools, universities, and community colleges is on its way to Governor Rick Snyder.

  It’s the final piece to the budget puzzle with schools’ and universities’ new fiscal years less than a month away. 

This budget is a stark contrast to last year – when lawmakers passed widespread spending cuts, and many businesses saw a tax reduction. Democrats complain this budget does not make up for last year’s cuts to education.

Governor Rick Snyder says he’s pleased the state put money into its rainy day savings, and was able to offer modest increases to schools and universities.

“There’s a limited amount of dollars available, let’s apply it the right and let’s grow next year," he says. "I think you’re going to see this continue.”

The new budget will require universities to meet performance standards to qualify for their full funding. It could also penalize Michigan State University for requiring students to carry health coverage or buy it through the school.

The spending plan also sets aside money for an election year income tax cut.