Education bills scheduled to move forward in June

Mackinac Island, MI – Mackinac Island, MI (MPRN) - The state House Education Committee plans to vote soon on major education reform bills. State Representative Tim Melton says Michigan has been holding onto old education standards for too long. He says failing schools should be held accountable for poor performance because kids suffer the consequences.

The legislation targets 35 of the state's worst performing schools, and would put them at risk of being shut down if they don't improve test scores within a year. Melton says the Senate is preparing to unveil education reform bills as well: "We will find a compromise in the middle. It's too important," he says. "This is a moral imperative. This is the civil rights issue of our time--making sure all kids have the opportunity to have a quality education."

Melton plans to move his version of the legislation in June.