East Lansing hosts meeting of Big Ten city managers

East Lansing, MI – City managers and planners from several Big Ten communities are meeting in East Lansing this week.


These city leaders get together twice a year to see what they can learn from each other about issues common to their college towns. That includes how to deal with student drinking, making sure students are counted in the census, and recycling.

East Lansing City Manager Ted Staton says the focus this time is partnerships for economic development.

"We'll talk about the Broad Art Museum and how the university and the community have come together on that," Staton says. "We're going to tour the cyclotron and talk about the impact that will have on community development. And, we fully expect the partners from the other university communities to talk about similar partnerships in their communities."

Along with East Lansing, Ann Arbor, State College Pennsylvania, and Champaign and Evanston Illinois are represented at these meetings.