Dunnings closes murder cases, suspects Macon

Lansing, MI – Ingham County Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings says he's closing five unsolved murder cases in Lansing, but Dunnings says he believes convicted murderer Matthew Macon was responsible.

In June of 2008, Matthew Macon was sentenced to life without parole for killing two Lansing women and attempting to murder another. The crimes were part of a violent rampage that terrorized the city in August of 2007.

Macon was a suspect in the murders of five other women. Dunnings says statements made by Macon and other evidence points to his guilt in those cases, "The Lansing Police Department has conducted a thorough investigation of these homicides and at this time we have solid reason to believe that the prisoner Macon is responsible for these crimes."

Dunnings says even if Macon were charged, there is no additional sentence he could receive.

Family members and friends of the victims held hands and wept during Dunnings statement. City council member Carol Wood says she would have preferred to see Macon tried for the murder of her mother, Ruth Hallman.