DNR: Wolf plan is working

EAST LANSING, MI – Michigan wildlife officials say a federal lawsuit that challenges the state's takeover of wolf management is a waste of time and money.
The Humane Society and four other groups want wolves in Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin to remain on the federal endangered species list.

If the Humane Society wins, an injunction would stall Michigan's management plan. It includes allowing conservation officers to shoot wolves that attack pets and livestock.

The U-S Fish and Wildlife Service and Michigan officials say wolves are no longer on the brink of extinction, and don't belong on the endangered species list. Russ Mason is with the state Department of Natural Resources: "We're fixing to spend another boatload of cash on a meaningless lawsuit that keeps money out of on-the-ground conservation to benefit all wildlife including wolves and that part just galls me to death."

They say there are thousands of wolves in the Great Lakes region - including more than 550 in the Upper Peninsula.