Discussion on MI doc bills pauses indefinitely

A state House panel is expected to scrap legislation designed to prevent medical providers from ever practicing again if they are convicted of certain sex crimes.

AUDIO: Shelli Weisberg is from the American Civil Liberties Union. She told lawmakers last week that Michigan's sex offender registry merely lists people convicted of a crime and doesn't use judgment to determine how dangerous they may be. She says the bill would prevent any adolescent who made a mistake that put them on the list from receiving a proper education or job in the medical field.

"And you know what? When we don't have education and we don't have jobs and we don't have treatment for these people listed as sex offenders, they have one thing left to do - enter a life of crime," she asserts.

The lawmaker who sponsored the bill says he was shocked to discover a doctor who molests or rapes a patient could still practice medicine in Michigan.

The House panel dealing with the bill is not expected to continue any discussion when lawmakers return from Thanksgiving break.