Dillon continues to promote insurance pool plan

LANSING, MI – Speaker of the House Andy Dillon says his plan for a statewide insurance pool for all public employees would create benefits so affordable private sector employees would want to buy in.

Dillon says his plan could save the state nearly a billion dollars. He says opening the pool to the private sector would boost savings, and make benefits more affordable for everyone who joins.

"Your price is dictated in large part by the size of your pool," he says.

But the state's largest teachers union - the Michigan Education Association - argues Dillon's plan would cost many public employees more.

Doug Pratt is with the MEA. He says teachers have already saved the state a lot of money, and asking them to give more is a subject that's revisited too often.

"And we're still here, in the same situation," he says.

Pratt says Dillon should wait for federal health care reforms. Dillon says it's important to start negotiating now, so savings can begin sooner.