Detroit mayor makes first visit to state Capitol

LANSING, MI – Detroit Mayor Dave Bing made his first official visit to the state Capitol Tuesday. He says the fortunes of Michigan's largest city affect the entire state.

Bing met with Democratic and Republican lawmakers and had lunch with Governor Granholm. He says the effects of Detroit's troubles ripple across the state, and he wants to forge alliances that will help all of Michigan. But Bing says he knows finding consensus on how to help Detroit and other struggling cities won't always be easy.

"I am sure as we move forward, there will be some disappointments, there will be some disagreements, there will be some difficulties," Bing says.

Bing hopes the Legislature and the governor will act quickly on his request for permission to sell bonds as part of an emergency deficit reduction plan. He says that will buy the city time to come up with a comprehensive turnaround strategy.
Detroit is one of more than a dozen Michigan cities on the brink of insolvency.