Detroit Council Makes Last-Ditch Arguments To Avoid Takeover

Mar 12, 2013

Detroit city officials were at a hearing in Lansing Tuesday pleading for more time to fix the city’s finances before Governor Rick Snyder names an emergency manager.

The Michigan Public Radio Network’s Rick Pluta was there.

Detroit city council members were among the people crowded into a small hearing in the state Treasury Building. Governor Snyder is expected to announce his decision within days.

City Council President Charles Pugh says he remains hopeful a takeover can be averted.

"The emergency manager is not a foregone conclusion,"  he says.  "It's not the only option."

Pugh says the city is willing to re-negotiate a consent agreement with the state in lieu of emergency management. The state Treasury says the city has already failed to meet many benchmarks in the current agreement, and is sinking further into debt.

The city could still go to court if Governor Snyder decides to name an emergency manager.