Dennis Forsberg of 'Okemos 7' discusses impending prison sentence

Jul 18, 2013

The 'Okemos 7' group knew that the endeavor was illegal under federal law, but assumed that they would not be prosecuted because of the state's medical marijuana law, Lance Forsberg's attorney told City Pulse in May.
Credit Flickr/Creative Commons

In 2010, Dennis Forsberg, an Okemos business owner, launched an undisguised effort to start a legal marijuana-growing business.  He and six others intended to operate within the parameters of Michigan’s medical marijuana law, even consulting with Meridian Township police.

Today, the 59-year old is a few days away from surrendering to federal authorities in North Carolina and beginning a three-year prison sentence.  His son, Lance Forsberg - who talked about his involvement in the plan to Current State back in May - is already serving a similar sentence.

Dennis Forsberg offers his take on the "inconsistency" of U.S. drug laws and to discuss his unimaginable odyssey from suburban, middle-class business owner to federal prisoner.