Democrats/Republicans assess Massachusetts impact on MI


Democratic state Senator Gretchen Whitmer has dropped out of the state attorney general race. She was considered the toughest Democratic contender against prospective GOP candidates Bill Schuette and Mike Bishop.

Republican House Minority Leader Kevin Elsenheimer says he does not agree with Whitmer's politics. But he says she is one of the strongest members of the Democratic party.

"And I think many people believe on both sides of the aisle that she's somebody that has a political future in this state, which is why many of us were frankly shocked that she decided to drop out of the attorney general's race," he says.

Elsenheimer thinks the GOP upset in the Massachusetts special election for the U.S. Senate seat Tuesday may have played a big part in Whitmer's decision. He says the country is upset with Washington Democrats, and that dissatisfaction could play out in state elections as well.