Democrats Blast State Housing Director For Lavish Expenses

Aug 7, 2014

Democrats are demanding that the state take action in light of lavish travel expenses claimed by the head of Michigan’s housing authority.

We have more from The Michigan Public Radio Network’s Jake Neher.

The state Democratic party obtained public documents showing the Michigan State Housing Authority paid for expensive meals, hotels, and airfare for its director, Scott Woosley. Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lon Johnson says it’s fine for state officials to go on business trips that produce a good return on investment for the state. But he says…

   “What’s the ROI on the booze and backrubs?” he asks.

The records suggest Woosley did try to get reimbursed for liquor and massages. But the housing authority did not approve those expenses. In a statement, Woosley asked the state to review his paid expenses. He offered to write a personal check for any that are deemed inappropriate.