Dem legislator says more oversight needed for MI charter schools

Jun 27, 2014

Rep. Ellen Cogen Lipton (D-Huntington Woods)

For over a week, The Detroit Free Press has been exploring the impact of Michigan’s two decades with charter schools. 

Much of the reporting has raised serious doubts about the oversight, transparency and effectiveness of the state’s nearly 400 charters. It’s cited instances have consisted of wasteful spending, poor academic performance, a lack of regulation and resistance to reform.

The paper also acknowledges some are well run and effective.

Democratic State Representative Ellen Cogen Lipton serves on the House Education Committee and represents parts of Oakland County. She joins Current State to respond to the issues raised in the series and to comment about Michigan’s Education Achievement Authority. She says that 80% of Michigan’s charter schools are for-profit and that it’s time for the state to reevaluate how Michigan handles its charters.