Dem Chair Brewer Re-Files Campaign Complaint on Bolger, GOP Staff

Jul 19, 2012

The chair of the Michigan Democratic Party says a prosecutor’s report shows his complaint of election law violations deserves another look. Mark Brewer says state House Speaker Jase Bolger and other Republicans used state resources to plot a lawmaker’s defection to the GOP and put a fake Democrat on the ballot.

Democratic Chair Mark Brewer is also an election law attorney. He says a Kent County prosecutor’s report shows Bolger and his staff schemed on the public’s dime. They orchestrated the defection of state Representative Roy Schmidt  -- and how to put on the ballot a sham Democratic opponent who would not run a serious campaign.

An earlier complaint filed with Republican Secretary of State Ruth Johnson was dismissed.

Brewer says he intends to press the issue in every avenue possible.       

"This is far from over either from a legal perspective or from a political perspective," declares Brewer.

Brewer says that includes demanding that Republican candidates take a stand on the scandal. Bolger says he made a mistake to become so embroiled in political mischief-making, but he and his staff broke no laws.