DCH partners with Text4Baby


The state Department of Community Health is using technology to help improve the health of infants. The department has partnered with a national program that gives advice to new mothers via their cell phones. Michigan Public Radio's Laura Weber has more.

The program is called text-4-baby. It sends three texts a week on infant and maternal health issues such as immunization, nutrition and safe sleep habits, for the first year of a baby's life. Angela Minicuci is with the Department of Community Health. She says the department is using the program to help bring down Michigan's infant mortality rate.

"Infant mortality is a very good, critical health indicator of the health of our community as a whole because it addresses both the future, with our children, and women," she says.

Michigan's infant mortality rate is 7-point-7 deaths per one-thousand live births, which is higher than the national average.