Cyber school discussion heats up at state Capitol


The debate over the effectiveness of cyber K-12 schools is ramping up at the state Capitol. A state House panel is considering a measure that would allow more cyber schools to operate in Michigan. Michigan Public Radio's Laura Weber has more

There are currently two cyber schools authorized in Michigan. Supporters of online learning say kids and parents should be afforded more education options and opportunities in the digital age.

Former state schools Superintendent Tom Watkins supports allowing more cyber schools to operate in the state. But he cautioned lawmakers to take careful consideration of how well individual schools are performing.

"I would invoke an old Chinese saying; that once you open the window, all the flies can come in," he says.

Those opposed to more cyber schools in the state say not enough is known about their success rates.

Governor Rick Snyder says he wants traditional public schools to incorporate more cyber-learning. But he has not called for more online-only schools.