Customs station opens at Lansing airport

(East Lansing, MI) – (East Lansing, MI) - WKAR News
Lansing civic and business leaders are hailing the opening of the new federal customs and inspection station at the Capital Region International Airport. The airport is helping to develop a foreign trade zone made up of area companies. It's hoped that Lansing will expand its role as a regional cargo hub to ship goods across the U-S and overseas.

Jean Lodge is an agent with Stevens Worldwide Van Lines. She says her company will operate a customs warehouse near the airport: "So our facility is going to be able to take in the items that come here and need to be stored until they can be dispersed to the clients. We hope that's it's going to be too small of an area in a week! So, if we can do that and build a new warehouse, it would just be the ultimate."

The facility is designed to process 200 international passengers an hour.