Current Sports | August 10, 2017

Aug 10, 2017

Colin Kaepernick; Kneeling During the Anthem; Michigan Senior Olympics; Becky Ridky; Brad Walker; Craig Hodges.

Almost a year ago, Colin Kaepernick defiantly kneeled. Protesting police brutality, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback refused to stand for the national anthem, a stand in itself that rippled throughout the nation. Today on "Current Sports with Al Martin," it's a about year later, and Colin Kaepernick doesn't have a job. However, Al's stance on the issue hasn't changed since the end of last season, so if you were listening in March, you already know what he says. But circumstances have, and Current Sports brings those latest developments to light. Then, it's a segment for all the old heads who still have some pep in their step. Becky Ridky, executive director of the Michigan Senior Olympics, brings up an event that gives older citizens a chance to go for gold. Somehow, a 102-year-old man's athleticism derails engineer Isaac Constans' hopes of an NBA "career." What? Listen to find out. Ending the show, Al and Isaac repackage the Kaepernick dialog. Isaac says what Kaepernick should do going forward, and Al brings in some historical perspective.

Episode 998