Current Sports | 6/7/16 | #717

Jun 7, 2016

Golden State Warriors vs. Showtime Los Angeles Lakers, Jim Harbaugh, Satellite Camps, NCAA Restrictions, Rex Wilkes, Track and Field, and Intern Introduction.

Credit Dave Mulder / Flickr Creative Commons

To start today on Current Sports, debate is embraced. Al and engineer Isaac Constans go back and forth on whether the "Showtime" Los Angeles Lakers could top the Golden State Warriors, an argument sparked after former Michigan State and Laker star Magic Johnson let his thoughts be known on the topic. What could be the defining factor in deciding that question? Also, a topic of long deliberation gets a new lens, as Jim Harbaugh is faced with new NCAA regulations. Al and Isaac let out their takes on that. Then, Rex Wilkes, coach for the state champion Waverly girls' track and field squad, is welcomed to Current Sports to give the low down on high school track. And last, Bria Thompson and Cierra Pryor sit in for the final discussion of the day, as the new interns greet the audience.