Current Sports | 2/11/16 | #636

Feb 11, 2016

Chauncey Billups Jersey Retirement, Michigan-Minnesota Basketball, Jim Harbaugh Satellite Camps, Spring Break Workouts, 2 Minutes for Ruffing, Hockey, and Throwback Thursday.

Al's childhood hero, Chauncey Billups, had his jersey retired last night. Hear Al and Isaac's tributes to and stories about the Detroit Pistons great. Next up, are Jim Harbaugh's plans to hold spring break practices in Florida wrong and possibly even immoral? The SEC sure thinks so, but Al and Isaac take a different view. Out of the first break, Current Sports features a new segment--"2 Minutes for Ruffing" with production assistant and hockey fanatic, Jason Ruff. After that hockey talk, it's onto basketball as Michigan narrowly escaped disaster against Minnesota. And last but not least, it's a busy 'Throwback Thursday' to remind you of your history.