Cox, other candidates promise to sign helmet law repeal


About a hundred bikers opposed to Michigan's motorcycle helmet law held their annual rally at the state Capitol Wednesday. They want Michigan to join the 30 other states that don't have helmet laws. They're unlikely to get their wish this year. Governor Granholm has repeatedly vetoed bills to repeal the law. But next year, there will be a new governor.

Attorney General Mike Cox is seeking the Republican nomination for governor. He addressed the group gathered at the Capitol steps.

"You won't have to wear a helmet if I'm the governor next year," he says. "You can come up here without a helmet and celebrate the passage of the no-helmet law. Thank-you, God bless, and keep speaking out!"

Republican Congressman Pete Hoekstra and Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard and Democratic House Speaker Andy Dillon also support repealing the law.

Republican state Senator Tom George and Ann Arbor venture capitalist Rick Snyder say they would only support a repeal if taxpayers were shielded from paying injured bikers' medical bills.

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