Court halts release of jailed MI militia members


Members of a Michigan-based militia accused of plotting to overthrow the government were ordered to remain in custody Thursday only moments before they were to be freed on bond. MPRN's Quinn Klinefelter reports that federal officials argue the militia could still target police officers.

Federal officials accuse nine members of the Hutaree with plotting to kill police officers as a way to incite an uprising against the government. A federal judge ordered the Hutaree members released on bond until trial, but prosecutors appealed. The judge then said the Hutaree should be freed until the appeal was decided. Again the government intervened, blocking the release. Defense attorney Mark Satawa says the prosecution is going too far.

"We had a two day hearing," he says. "You lost. The judge obviously carefully considered this based on the opinion she wrote. It's almost now they're acting cause there's egg on their face and they're just refusing to lose."

Federal prosecutors say the Hutaree members are still dangerous and note that a funeral is scheduled this weekend for a Detroit policeman killed while on duty--the kind of funeral Hutaree members had talked in the past of trying to attack.