Court of Appeals To Hear Ballot Challenge

Aug 6, 2012

The Michigan Court of Appeals will hear a new challenge to a question that could go on the November ballot. A coalition of businesses and existing casinos say a proposal to allow eight new non-tribal casinos in Michigan has a critical technical flaw.

The proposal would amend the state constitution to allow more casinos in Michigan. But opponents say the measure would also change a variety of voter-approved casino regulations.  And they say that violates how ballot questions are supposed to be framed, that it’s too sweeping and complex.  The ballot campaign’s organizers say it was carefully drafted and complies with everything state laws and the Michigan Constitution require. No matter which side wins, the Court of Appeals is probably not the final stop for this disagreement. The Michigan Supreme Court just resolved a challenge to a referendum on the emergency manager law and ordered that question onto the ballot. This case and others could also wind up before the state’s highest court in coming weeks to determine which questions voters will decide this fall.