Cooley Law School plans $6M library expansion

LANSING, MI – Thomas Cooley Law School says it plans a $6 million expansion of the library at its Lansing campus.

The school says it also plans to spend $2 million for need-based financial aid.

Money for the initiatives comes in part from Cooley's new Campaign for Knowledge fundraising drive.

Cooley said Tuesday it's already raised $1.7 million for the library's $3 million gift goal. The school says it will match that amount.

It says it's raised about 90 percent of the money needed for the financial aid program.

Gifts include $1 million from Cooley alumnus G. Michael Stakias of Philadelphia, $500,000 from Midland's Charles J. Strosacker Foundation and $400,000 from the estate of the late Associate Dean Marion Hilligan.