Cooley Law School buys naming rights for Lugnuts stadium


Lansing's Oldsmobile Park is getting a new sponsor and a new name. Officials announced Monday that Cooley Law School is buying the naming rights for $1.5 million. The stadium will be renamed Cooley Law School Stadium.

Cooley President Don LeDuc says the 11-year deal is part marketing, part community building.

"We're hopeful that we can get a lot of students over to the park," he says. "We're going to expand 'Cooley for Kids Day' this year, which usually happens over the summer. We bring in kids from Lansing Parks and Recreation for a day out here. Most of them have never been to a baseball game before."

General Motors was the stadium's original sponsor. They chose to keep the name "Oldsmobile Park" even after Oldsmobile went out of business.

The park's General Manager says much of the Oldsmobile memorabilia at the stadium will remain in recognition of the city's automotive heritage.