Congressman Hoekstra turns in signatures


The first gubernatorial candidate has handed in the signatures required to secure a place on the August primary ballot. Republican Congressman Pete Hoekstra turned in boxes of signatures to the Secretary of State Wednesday.

Gubernatorial candidates have until mid-May to hand in the 15,000 signatures required for a slot on the ballot. Congressman Hoekstra filed more than 24,000 signatures.

"Getting this hurdle out of the way just kind of clears the deck and allows us to focus on policy, it allows us to focus on the other aspects of the campaign that are so important," he says.

Hoekstra says he turned in signatures from every county in the state, except one - Houghton County. But he says he will have a signature from that county by the end of the week.

Hoekstra leads the GOP candidates in recent polls. He is running against businessman Rick Snyder, Attorney General Mike Cox, Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard and state Senator Tom George.