Company opens at MSU's new Bioeconomy Institute

HOLLAND TOWNSHIP, MI (AP) – HOLLAND TOWNSHIP, MI (AP) - A company with roots at Michigan State University has become the first tenant at the school's Bioeconomy Institute at a former Pfizer Inc. lab.

Biochemistry professor Rawle Hollingsworth has run AFID Therapeutics Inc. at MBI International in Lansing since 2004. The company uses technology licensed from Michigan State.

The university says Hollingsworth's work with complex carbohydrates from biomass and sugars seeks ways to develop "high-value chemical compounds" for pharmaceutical and other uses. The company aims to employ 10 engineers and chemists at the site.

Last year, Pfizer gave Michigan State the lab next to its closed production plant in Ottawa County's Holland Township, about 25 miles west-southwest of Grand Rapids.