Citizens rally to save Library of Michigan

LANSING, MI – Hundreds of people concerned about the future of the Library of Michigan rallied at the state capitol and the Michigan Historical Center Wednesday. They fear state budget cuts could shut down all or part of the state library.


Last month, Governor Granholm transferred responsibility for the library to the Department of Education. Under her executive order, much of the library's vast collection would be scattered over many physical locations.

That's raised the ire of citizens researching their ancestry, and historians like Lawrence Kestenbaum. He's the Washtenaw County Clerk and founder of the website ""

"Some of it would stay; some of it would be here, some of it would be there and losing that concentration of resources would be a tragedy," Kestenbaum says.

Kestenbaum says he fears other agencies such as Michigan State University won't have the room to store the state's archives. Barring rejection from the legislature, the governor's order formally takes effect October 1.