Charter school official addresses accountability and transparency

Jul 29, 2014

Central Michigan University is Michigan's largest university charter school authorizer, and one of the nation's largest.

Several Michigan charter school authorizers from around the state journeyed to Lansing yesterday. They met with state schools Superintendent Michael Flanagan about more vigorous oversight of the state’s charter schools. 

Earlier this month, Flanagan warned that he would using his authority to hold authorizers more accountable for the operation of charter schools. He has emphasized the need for greater transparency along with stronger oversight of finances and academics. 

He also warned authorizers he would stop the expansion of charters by authorizers who don’t provide such oversight.

Brad Wever, Policy Director at the John Engler Center for Charter Schools at Central Michigan University, joins Current State to provide more insight on what was discussed at the charter schools meeting. He says that yesterday’s meeting was about how the superintendent should go about determining whether an authorizer has fulfilled their responsibilities or not, ultimately leading to the decision of suspending an authorizer’s authority to issue new contracts or renew existing contracts with charter schools.