Chair of Ingham County Commissioners says small pay raise needed

UNDATED – The chairperson of the Ingham County Board of Commissioners says the board should consider small pay increases for future commissioners.

Commissioner Mark Grebner has long said paying commissioners more would attract talent and retain experienced office-holders.

Debbie DeLeon chairs the board. She's reluctant to endorse higher pay, although she says in the big picture of the county's budget, it wouldn't cost much.

"In the total realm of things, it's only around $1,600 for all commissioners to get a 1% raise, just over $100 a year per commissioner, so it's nothing in the drop of a bucket when you look at it," DeLeon says.

Commissioners did not get a raise this year. DeLeon says in the past, the board has tried to limit commissioner raises to the same rate as county employees, or lower.

The base pay rate is $11,250. Officers make more, with the chairperson earning just over $16,800.