Census forms coming this week

UNDATED – Homes across America will begin receiving the 2010 census form in the mail this week.
The census form is only ten questions long this year. Dichondra Johnson-Gieger with the Lansing census bureau office says it should take just a few minutes to fill out and return with the provided, postage-paid envelope.

The official count day is April 1st. Johnson-Gieger advises people not to wait, though.

"If a person was to get the form on March 15th, 16th, the 25th, or whenever, they want to just go ahead and pop it in the mail as soon as they receive it, so that they don't forget about it," Johnson-Geiger says.

The census form has already been hand-delivered to some homes because forms are not sent to P. O. boxes.

The Lansing office of the census is running the population count in six counties, but that doesn't include Eaton County. Eaton County is being handled by the Battle Creek census office.